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All my progress and updates regarding any of my games that are in development will be posted here.

02/03/2015 - Second Build Started
Very small update here, after about two months of creating and updating my database and mediawiki for the first build of the game i am now beginning on the second build. I made certain to make sure i had everything organized well for the first build and have built a solid platform to continue on at a much faster pace. Now i can update information and data as i go and am undertaking a major overhaul of things which i will hopefully be able to expand upon very shortly.

11/01/2015 - First Build Complete
A while ago, after coming up with the initial design ideas i created a plan for what i considered to be the first 'build' of the game... I'm very happy to say that i've now finally reached that point! Everything is still text based but the game contains what i consider to be the core concepts and is stable enough to put aside before i begin work on the next iteration. Now i have the core game in place i'm looking forward to developing things further, which will hopefully be a much more rapid process than has occured to this date. Here are the final changes and additions that were made between the last update and reaching this point.

Additions: Tweaks: Bug Fixes: There are a lot of mandatory things to be done now on my end. I have to tidy up what i've created, improve upon my documentation and prepare to continue with development. Thank you to anyone that has followed the games progress thus far and i hope to provide you all with a lot of interesting updates in the near future!

10/10/2014 - Whole Game Restructured, Random Enemy Generation!
It's been quite a while since my last update, a large part of that was due to moving into a new place for the start of the uni year, (which involved no internet for a few weeks) whilst the rest of it comes down to me taking time to overhaul a large portion of the game to aid in future development. I changed how most things were done, so even though the produced results are the same, things are a lot tidier on my end. The main overhaul related to introducing floors as seperate, different entities rather than a shallow concept that was created manually by myself. Now going forward i'm going to be able to modify floors (and some other related features) much, much easier. That said, there are also rather a lot of changes that people playing the game will actually notice.

Additions: Tweaks: Bug Fixes: I've added a few more images (i use that term very loosely!) to the image gallery to show some of the new additions. Things are coming along very well and i'm approaching what will be the end point for the first version of the game. The game is now playable from start to finish, with multiple classes, enemies, equipment, spells and a lot of randomization. I've got a handful of things i want to work on to bring this iteration to an end, mostly relating to tidying up and improving code/program structure, although there is one thing i wish to add that will affect the player and give more choice to them when playing the game. I've got no set time frame for these next updates but hopefully i can get them sorted soon so i can begin work on version 0.2.0!

12/08/2014 - Enemy Actions And A Playable Game!
Things have been going incredibly well the last couple of days, constantly feel like making progress and have now managed to create a fully playable game! Granted it's still very bare at the moment but now the player and enemies take turns during battle and winning/losing are both possibilities.

Additions: Tweaks: Bug Fixes: I've updated the gallery to show more of the above features, still text only currently but they do give a good idea of how the game runs. Next up will be additions/changes to floor progression and the addition of extra commands in battle other than simply 'attack'. Not far off moving onto the next version of the game, i can see this version being finished (hopefully) within a week or so, and i'll post another update as that happens. Thanks as always!

10/08/2014 - User Input
Quite a lot of progress has been made over the last two days, with the main focus being on user input and creating a 'playable' experience.

Additions: Tweaks: Bug Fixes: A lot more work still to be done on battles which is going to continue to be my focus for the next few days. Currently enemies do not act or respond which, once changed, should create a full (if slightly dull!) gaming experience. I'd also like to take some time working on graphics and sprites. I've updated the picture gallery, which now shows text output that focus on some recently implemented areas of the game. Although it's purely text at this point i thought it might be nice to share how things are coming along regardless. Until next time!

08/08/2014 - Lots of updates!
Been meaning to update for a while, thankfully progress has actually been made this time round! :D It'll be much easier to list what i've done rather than write about each individual addition. All of this applies to what will be the first 'playable' version of the game: version 0.1.0

Additions: Bug fixes: As the above shows, a lot of progress has been made. I'm hoping to step it up further and implement some key features over the next week or so and should have something playable soon. Once the functionallity is all sorted i'll be diving into the graphical side of things, which i've made a start on but am still quite far from how i'd like things to look (i'll share screenshots when the time comes)

As well as continuing to work on the game i'm going to spend some time updating/improving this site, hopefully it will look slightly more professional before too long. As always everyone feel free to message me any questions/ideas/feedback using the 'Contact' tab above. Thanks for reading! :D

Been almost a year since the last update. I spent a lot of that time learning and improving my skills, which makes me feel a lot more confident that i can sucessfully create what i want to create. In that time i've had plenty of ideas, including ideas for multiple games within the same canon which hopefully i can put into practice some time in the future. I've scaled back the game itself, removing a few enemies and weapon types, along with removing abilites for the time being. I will most likely implement the concept at a later date once i have a basic game working.

I'm a lot more organized in my working now, and am working on both design and implementation simultaneously every day. I hope to be posting daily updates here, and i have two months which i can work on the game solidly so hopefully things will go well.

Armor types have now been designed, along with a gameplay concept - abilities. Each character class has a unique ability that will provide extra utility during battles. I've made an effort to design them with balance in mind and each one is situational rather than something that is always good to use. From a development point of view i've re-organized some files and have begun work on creating the character classes for use by the player. These are still currently in the very early stages of development and as of yet nothing solid has been created.

I've now designed the enemies that will feature in the first build of the game - 20 in total. 5 of these will have unique abilities themselves to add challenge and diversity to battles. Each enemy belongs to a certain 'type'. Currently there are 3 types of enemies, each of which is clearly distinct from the other two. This is the second part of the update for the day and it's now 4AM so time for bed. Hopefully i'll get some more programming done tomorrow.

I've now decided on some of the things that will be featured in the first build of the game. I've reduced the inital plans by a considerable amount and have finalised the character classes and weapon types that will feature. The game is going to be a modified dungeon crawler with roguelike and rpg elements. I've selected 8 character classes that i think give variation to the player without being too complicated (as many of the classes i have planned are more complex) i've also decided on 12 weapon types that will feature in the game, reduced from around 20 that were initally planned. I've also reworked and simplified the stat system from a development point of view, and have decided on 10 stats that will apply to each character and enemy within the game. I've finally started actual development after a lot of planning, and am building the basic game logic first.

Ready to start work on the game that i have been planning for almost a year. Still lacking a lot of the skills i will need but hopefully i can pick them up as i go and get the majority of the gameplay functions added. Currently i'm preparing a restricted/simplified version of the game to start work on as my long-term goal will be out of my reach for some time. More details to follow.